July 29, 2010

One fine afternoon, I was with my friend. We talked, ate, laughed, giggled and all the fun wan do, we did. She is a very good friend of mine and we can talk anything under the roof without any doubt one will be hurt. In short, we enjoy each other company and we love each other as a friend. Many said, we are like close relative, a sister that is. I hope we are. Anyway, and the talk continued. For some reason we bumped into slimming conversation. We talked about the past. Reminiscing the good and the bad. Let go of the bad and continue the great ones. Since we talk about slimming idea, she said her ex-sister-in-law (ex because her close family circle and her were already divorced) is already slim and she hoped in some way to be like what the lady has now. I just then browsed after I got home and told her the next day if she like to visit  and see what she can come up since she is planning to have some slimming pills as long as she can see the pros and cons then she can compare it with others she knew with her other friends. And then the journey continue. I hope her all the best and what is good with her body is taking slimming pills is okay with her. May she get what she wanted, not directly but she deserves to have as what had told. :-) She deserves the best!

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  1. NovaS said...
    oh i really need this, after giving birth my body is way too far from my pre-pregnancy body... if i don't get this back right away i might take another step

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