June 04, 2010

Savings, why do we save as much as we like to invest our money to save for the future? Is it because we want to have a bright future or we have something to get in times of emergency? Or is for legacy purposes? Why or all of the above? Why not? ;-) Well, we cannot predict the future but we can be prepared for it. Just like investing money through gold bullion.

Yes, why not? Gold bullion are rare and one of a kind. Whatever happens with the economy, deflation occurs or whatsoever, still gold is gold and people will still want it as to one's legacy. A fruit of labor, that is. It is a fashion that won't fade. It is better than stocks. So one way of protecting your hard earned money is through buying and keeping a gold bullion. There is an assurance, really (just keep it away from thieves just like anything else). :) {Oops, do not expect that I have gold bars, okay? I hope I have but I do not have. Perhaps it will only in my dreams that I can own. We are just an average family. Sad to say but sometimes reality sucks. :(


  1. reyapot said...
    hi cacai.. visiting u here... so, you are on of those fans hehe.. dami din ako friends na naka super abang sa game eh..
    SavvyMama said...
    ayay! gold bar man jud...ehhehehe!

    musta na madam sis...sensya na ha karon lang jud ko kadalaw sa imong mga mansion tawon....hehehhe!

    si Umma tuod madam sis kay sa rowland hts sya dapit..am now sure kung asa dapit sa LA...ehehhee
    Lulu said...
    agoy ang gold bar.... nice investment...
    Monex said...
    As we all know, due diligence is a must especially today as we are going through an Economic Crisis that boggles the mind as to money supply contraction, rolled over expanded debt, unemployment, everyday cusumer price inflation and asset value deflation.

    There are two assets to own and hold during such a Crisis. Real Estate and Gold Bullion.

    I have been researching where to buy and hold Gold Bullion, free, clear and unencumbered with full and honest disclosure about all of the legal history, financail history, storage guarantees, audit history, costs, commissions of all of the websites of those Gold Bullion Providers.

    Amongst most of the Market Makers, Gold Dealers, Bullion Banks I was shocked by one website that I found that such a history could exist, not disclosed, and they are still doing business. That Entity is Monex Gold Depository Company located in Newport Beach, CA.

    I compared this to GoldMoney in London, Zurich and HongKong for direct purchases of Gold Bullion. GoldMoney buys directly from Gold Bullion Refiners....not Gold Bullion Banks.

    What a difference between Monex Gold and GoldMoney. As in any exploration on preserving one's purchasing power as a hedge against printed "fiat" paper money, Real Estate and Gold are the only "real money" choices.

    Good Due Diligence can dig up a lot of shocking discoveries. Invest the time to discover the downsides "out there" by visiting and comparing GoldMoney against Monex Gold's website in Newport Beach, CA. What a massive difference in required disclosures and litigation history.

    In these times, stay well and prosper.


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