May 29, 2010

Who want into pigging-out (eating more than enough) just like me? Who then are chasing weight-loss products after the guilt (guilty-pleasure)? You may like to raise your right foot, ah (I mean), your right hand. Hehehe.. (seriously, your comment *wink*) Girls talk usually could lead on ways how to gain back our weight especially after eating. Ha! You bet! ;-) Girl friends (also boys) told me that it's already hard to loss weight of just into one way, exercise, do you agree? Raise your right hand again. :) Okay folks, am with you and hope you got your dream body size then. Good luck and get the best not to mention be your best. :) Do not forget the discipline, determination and perseverance. ;-) God bless! :)

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  1. Kayce said...
    agoy sis! hands up pud ko kay I am also in diri sa gusto jud muniwang... hehehe! unsaun nga tapolan man sad jud ko mag exercise unya mag sige lang man ug kaon... lol!

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