April 14, 2010

My kitchen journey is on. :-) Foodies, come on.. :) Pandesal is a common Filipino bread which most of folks in Philippines knows this kind of carbohydrates family. Yeah, you know that bread is a family of carbohydrates, right? :-) Some called this as a "Philippine national bread" but there is no really a formal known as it is, it is just what most folks said. This is great for breakfast paired with a hot chocolate or coffee or in between. This is not common in the place where I am now but I can get it in nearby city to which if I buy, I have to get two big bags.. lol.. ooh well, it's just once in a blue moon you know.. hehehe.. kidding aside but seriously, I put the other bag in a at the top of the freezer so it will go in icy and it is fresh good for how many weeks as long as it is in freeze and the other one I put it at below on normal cold. I just missed this bread a lot (but only second to pan-de-che, for me). :-) Anyway, to those of you who taste this bread, what do you think it's taste? Did you like it? Do you miss it sometimes if not in your locality?


One more thing, I got curious of a coconut jam to which it is my first time to see it in a glass jar below. I thought it is "calamay" in a glass. It is in my thought that if manufacturer put it in a coconut bagol. If you know "calamay", do you think so? I haven't eaten it yet. I just put it in refrigerator and it got me puzzled if it really is. Well, I leave that to you folks if it really is. Ooh well, perhaps you said that what's the taste of it. Hemmm.. I will have to taste this as soon as my taste bud would allow me to. Really, I will. Whatever it is, since I know it is not poisonous (lol), I will taste it. Since I already eat a lot of jam like mango jam, strawberry jam, guava, etc --- I will not afraid to taste it. :-) I have to compare if it really is the same as in "calamay sa Bohol". I hope it taste as like it. :-)

coco jam (as in coconut jam)

Its price by the way is same as to nutella spread of about the same size. I wonder how it tastes since it is pricey. :-) If you know and taste like an image above, would you like to share how coco jam tastes? How do you like it? Ooh well, am hungry now, I will eat heavy meal first then will eat that for snacks later with lemonade. :) Let's eat..


  1. Paula said...
    Like nutella ang price? ang mahal jan ha pero favorite din namin coco jam.

    My post is up for the BC Bloggers' Party. Warning: it's about me, me, and me. Read at your own risk!hihi
    Now it's your turn. Will be waiting for your post. :)

    *♥Shydub♥* said...
    Aguy kadaghan ug lafang diri tsang. panghatag daw
    Hi! I'm Grace said...
    Wow! Kalami ana oy. Gimingaw jud ko sa pan-de-sal ug coco jam. :)
    Anonymous said...
    whew!! sarap nito ha...kakaloka matagal na ako hidi nakalamon ng mainit init na pandesal kakamiss..hehe...

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