April 03, 2010

At maternal side uncle of mine has a little farm of bananas and some coconut trees with a little vegetables garden. His little farm is a bit far from his home to which it is somewhat like hard for him because he just walk goes on there everyday but that's what his livelihood is when it is not fishing season. I could say he is a hardworking man who works a bit smartly too. He has a family of eight but only three children on them now so all in all, they are now only five. Well, that is all about it but he complains about his joint pain knowing he has a problem of his right leg. He his still on search of how to relieve joint pain that he has until now. I hope his joint pain will be treated well already so he could work well without a suffering due to that problem though he just seldom complains, he works diligently and just secretly suffered out of it but we know how he feels. He is just one of a kind uncle who is a brother of my mother. I called him "Papa Loloy" though he is just my uncle, it just how I brought up with. My mother has two brothers and I called them both "papa", they just love me so dearly. :) I am hoping he could find the best solution of the pain (joint pain he suffers. :(


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