March 18, 2010

gizzard adobo in skillet

I know typical Americans or some part of the world do not like inner body part of meat as their food but most Filipinos do (am a Filipino). People of any areas have differences and I understand that. I even read some not-so-good comments on other blogs but I do not care, it is their business so I respect them. Anyhoo, speaking of adobo(pork adobo) it is very well-known as it is Filipinos signature food, I guess. What about gizzard adobo? Male pinoys like this a lot. I remember, my late grandfather and other male relatives in an island, loves this so much to which I was curious of tasting it. The way it is cook makes a difference. I like it a lot and now, I somewhat get used to it. :-) An image above is what I cooked more than two weeks ago (the date tells), it was my first time cooked of this as I do not like cooking when I was still single and besides I haven't seen this before in the place where I am now, so definitely my first time. I planned to cooked it as fried because I am not that good in adobo as to pork adobo --- I cannot perfect it as to what the typical adobo taste but fortunately, it turned into adobo without my knowledge.. :-) I utilized the spices I had to which those are: garlic, onion and three colors of fresh bell peppers (green, orange and red) with olive oil, soy sauce and a pinch of salt then a touch of water. My mind planned only to fried it but to my surprise I was gathering some spices which you do not need when frying, then I just then continued because I had it already in my hand. hehehe.. what a coincidence. :-) So the adobo recipe went. I used a lot of spices (half to soak it and half on the final touched) to get the smell of chicken. And to my surprise, I did it good to what I didn't expect but the taste that I adored when someone good at adobo does. Whew! It is really good when it's just only a little sauce it has or let it soak for minutes with its sauce leaving it a bit. Just not a lot of salt but more soy sauce and a touch of water so the sauce is not dark, and also be sure the oil is not much and not less --- just enough that you could see the oil when it is already cook. Boiling the gizzard before the adobo process is the important step.

Above image is fresh from my skillet and ready for me to eat. :-) Actually, I just ate minutes ago because I craved as I saw this image. :-) Have fun eating (if you like gizzard)! Paired it with soft drink after ward. (~_~)


  1. Lulu Post said...
    I just had this yesterday... yummy and crunchy!
    Cacai M. said...
    yep Mareng.. yumm-o! :-) Thanks for being here Mareng.. muahhh!
    Betchay said...
    hmmm yummy, I like gizzard but not liver hehehe.
    Dhemz said...
    agoy kalami..been a long time nako nga wala ka luto ani da...thanks for the idea madam sis...sos gigutom nuon ko!

    agi ko dire kadali kay mag blog hop sako...lau pa akong!
    Cacai M. said...
    @ Betchay, heheh.. well, it's our individual's differences that you do not like liver but I do. heheh.. :-) Thanks for being here sis..

    @ madams sis Dhemz, agoy bag-o lang jud nko gikaon.. :).. but no problemo ky magluto tah.. :) Thanks for being here madam sis.. muahhhs to both. :)

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