March 04, 2010

Hello folks, how everyone doing? I hope you all the best on this day and onwards. Today is already Friday in Philippines and beyond (as well as other countries that is advance five hours advance from Eastern Time (ET) or eight hours advance here in Pacific Standard Time (PST). We all know that 12:01 AM is already another day, so welcome Friday! That is also mean that weekend is coming... For now, let us have some food tripping this Friday. This time, my food trip is my own version of beef steak. I actually do not plan to cook beef steak as of cooking the image below days ago but to my surprise, I have seen that is already a beef steak (but my own version)! (LOL).. I can still remember a cousin of mine who is good in making her special beef steak that she has to put force through paddling the steak over the beef to make it soft and as she said deliciously-taste. Then she has to marinade it overnight with lemons and all that marinade stuffs. What I did was simple but I made it to the point that it is savory because I did not marinade it overnight. I just steam it a couple of minutes to soak with the flavor and spices.

my own version of beef steak

How I did it? I separate the onions and bell peppers for starting (browning it with cooking oil before the beef is put) and finishing (after steaming the ingredients drowning each other) as to what you can see over the finished cook beef steak above that it was not that soft. Then I put three (3) colors of bell peppers --- red, orange and green. And of course garlic is present as well as beef bouillon even though pure beef is present. I intended such for it to make it more beefy savory. And again, I boiled it for a couple of minutes so all the ingredients and main meat mixed good together (I did not marinade it that is why). Olive oil, a little soy sauce and water --- are also present.

That is it folks! Happy eating! :-)


  1. Food Trip Friday said...
    Sometimes when I get tired too eating the same stuff, I try to put something a li'l more for a change. :)
    Cacai M. said...
    hehehe.. thanks for backing-up me Te Wil.. :-) yeah absolutely.. Thanks for being here Te Wil.. have a great FTF! ~hugs~
    Mylene said...
    This looks yummy! Will also try this sometime for a change.

    Thanks for the visit!
    Anonymous said...
    yan ang entry ko last friday he he mas ok nga yung own version diba para original lol
    Mumsy said...
    Looks very yummy..I like making my own version too!
    chubskulit said...
    Sarap naman nyan!

    Pwede pa bang humabol kahit late na? I am sharing Pork Roast. Have a great weekend!
    Clarissa said...
    I love talaga beef steak and yours looks yummy and tasty.Thanks for sharing your recipe!^_^

    Happy FTF!Enjoy your weekend,Cacai dearie!
    Cecile said...
    pareho tayo, ako din pag naglulto, mi no modify ko yung recipe :-) even the pinoy foods...para naman maiba di ba? eh di masasabi nating recipe natin *wink*

    sarap ng beef steak mo, Cai, sa tingin pa lang :-)
    Kero said...
    wow! protein over load! saraaap. eto pa talaga ang nakakamiss sa Pinas =)

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