January 27, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I am almost wordless and hungry too. Would you believe I didn't eat yet beginning the morning up until this time three o'clock pm? Yep, I am like this if I have something to do and finish---I don't like to eat and am not that hungry either. I know it is not good but sometimes I have to sacrifice myself or else I would go back again (the work I do) from the beginning. Anyway, I ate last night for a regular dinner (mostly I have regular meals) and had fruit salad made of fresh banana and red apple then tossed it with my current favorite mix -- the peanuts, and of course nestle cream and condensed milk. Yep, peanuts ( lot of peanuts on it) I just let my taste buds got what it desires.. :-) And ooh, I just found out that sweets make me survive the sleepiness thing. Thanks to the sweets or the dessert I made, I got what I sacrificed or studied for --- I tweak my template, made my first badge and favicons. The furious slow internet connection added to the frustrations of making it but all was paid off. By the way, do you like the color and its combination? What about the favicons and badges? Whatever it is, I love my own.. heheh.. joking aside... :-)

And now, I am craving for this goat curry (image below) with rice and beans, and collard greens then paired with coke or an apple juice or lemonade. Hemmm.. I gotta go and find something to eat because I have a so much work to do yet sad to say too little time. Ooops.. bavosh.. gotta go now.. I have to feed myself. :-)

goat curry, rice with beans, and collard greens

Have a fulfilling Wednesday folks! Have a good day... :-)


  1. analou said...
    Baje dili maayo nga magpasmo ka diha. Timan-e nga imong health maoy priority. Perte raba ka mahal maospital dinhi. If dili you ganahan magkaon, timo-timo lang diha bisan gamay. ayaw baya pagpasagad inday.
    Cacai M. said...
    lagi baje oi.. dli mn jud ko ganahan mag-eat basta naa ko tiwasonon.. mao ni akong kalaki saona nag-school pa ko mao nga niwang ko.. anyway I have to cut this or else ako ra gyapon ang looy.. thanks a lot for the advise and care baje.. muahhh!
    kcatwoman said...
    hi there. i love tuna too.btw you're recipes are kinda foreign but i bet theyre good. as for me, im not so healthy with the tuna, i just mix it with mayo and probably eat it with rice. i know it's weird but i like it. btw have you heard of corned tuna?


    LDS pinay

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