December 27, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Yep, sad to say I haven't got any Christmas cards from my family. But hooray because I have great friends remembered me giving cards and even gifts. Life is awesome! Well, I also believe that we cannot have always what we wish for. Hahaha... Thank you so much my friends for remembering me.. and thanks for some family circle that texted and called me. You are awesome!

I would also like to thank my bessy Aurelyn for the Christmas card that me and my dear husband received from her family (Cesar, her, and Celyn--newborn baby).

Thanks also to Te Beng of "Benggalicious" blog for forwarding me her self-made family scrap Christmas card through email.

And to David Funk of "Basic Bloganomics" and Anygen of "A Journey Towards Success" (main blog) for the ecard greeting.

And to all who commented, and the messages on my cbox , facebook, twitter, frienster, and anywhere.. who know who you are.. That's awesome of you buddies.. God bless you as always.. muahh!


  1. Anne said...
    You are very welcome lola..... Thanks too sa imung gipadala.... wala pako ka post ug thank you hehehe!
    Cacai M. said...
    heheh.. okay ra na^ la oi.. I know nga very busy ka dha perhaps magdespedida.. hemm.. heheh.. wlang katapusan'g thank you jud ta ani la, ky mag-thank you na pod ko.. muahhh!
    David Funk said...
    You're most welcome, Cacai!

    I'm very glad to have found a great online friend in you this year, and I thank you for the ecard you sent me, too.

    Best wishes my sweet friend!
    Cacai M. said...
    :-).. Thanks a lot my friend. You guys have a lovely greeting as lovely as you... cool!
    Dhemz said...
    we are so blessed to have friends offline and online madam deserve all the great things in life...:)

    sensya na jud kaau dear kay karon lang jud ko nakabalik sa blog gosh...kapoy mag blog hop after the holiday woi...maka tapol kaau...ehehhee!

    musta ang inyong christmas celeb? unsa man gift ni banana nimo?
    Cacai M. said...
    mao jud madam sis, we are blessed! og oo oi kapoy molang.. it's okay nmn among celebration, dre sa house. sus wla naka-pic og tarong og ang uban ra nga gi-preparar ang na-picture-ran, wla pa ju d ko ka-maja, but it's okay.. and about gift, money ra ky ako ra magpalit.. hehe.. ako wla gift sa iya.. waaa.. libog mn jud ko og naalanganin ko sa time, wla pod ko kahatag card which is unusual ky every occassion mohatag mn jud ko card ani nya, but anyway, perhaps sa ny nlng.. anyway, I guess you have a blast there.. and that's great.. muahhh!

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