December 21, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I understand that computer brings advantage to everybody. However, there are technical instances that computer just suddenly crash any time. It's either it's having a virus, malware attack, fire, or any other activity and circumstances that cannot be avoided which will trigger the data and corrupts the information saved. Hence, if you have business online, that would be a huge problem that's why there are different type of back-up created in order to save the transaction or any other files especially the important ones. Having a back-up could be saved into a CD, DVD, diskette, or go for an online back-up. There are lot of online back-up nowadays, one example is Microsoft sbs backup and Protect , and many others. I could say having a back-up is important to save the future problem. Businesses are wise enough to have this for security in time of downtime that you have someone can rely on. It's been hard to decide directly of where to get it but I know God will lead to wherever is best for. Take care of your files..


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