December 21, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Overweight as we all know is a huge problem of an individual. It can create multiple diseases if you have it that's why folks want to reduce weight as much as they can to attain their normal weight of their age. And I know it's just easy to add weight but it's hard to reduce it. There are many resources on the journey to loss but most find it very difficult to do. There are many websites out there. I admit I gain weight but my husband said it's just okay and my doctor said I am healthy. By the way, I only gain some two to three pounds so it's not a big deal but if it will goes up to more than ten and more, I know I will be panicked with that. Well, just continue on your everyday life and don't hesitate to call your doctor for an advise and some as to what can you do with your overweight. And don't forget to exercise everyday for at least 15 minutes and move your body. Exerting perspiration makes us energetic. So exercise to have a healthy body.

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  1. burn said...
    Exercise is the best way to reduce weight.

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