December 14, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Who said that holiday card isn't in nowadays? Ahemm.. Holiday cards are still in demand today despite of the greetings from the latest cellphones, calls, or here in blog, eh? It's a tradition of getting and giving cards by the way. So now that Christmas is already in the neighborhood, few more days and it will be on our door.. (~_~), Christmas cards are also prepared and ready to fly but not me. I haven't bought Christmas card yet unlike the other two years. I am planning though but hey, blogging friends and readers, I will just greet you here huh? Holiday greeting here is unique and I love the idea.

Anyway, talking about a holiday card, I got my first Christmas card today as I get mail downstairs. It was from my friend Eva with the name of her husband address to me and my husband too. And I was surprised and overwhelmed! I know I got amuse in small and big stuffs. But hey, it's first and advance. I didn't expect to have it early knowing that I haven't prepared mine yet. I would like to say thanks a bunch to my friend in Michigan. By the way, she surprise this time, last year I surprised her. I guess it's just my time for now, an unexpected one. She's by the way my neighbor in my hometown. We're not that close in there, it's in here, talking on phone, in social networking site -- that made us bond and we talked just anything under the line. :-) Thanks for being thoughtful. You're so sweet of my friend. muahh! Diary, take good care of the memory. kisses!


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