December 21, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Computer is a great source of information. It is already vital here in United States. Everything can be done in the computer like research, paying bills, studying/schooling, talking to your family everywhere in the globe, and of course blogging! :-) Sometimes when you have a lot to do, you can't get over to face in front of it that consumes most of our time. Well, it isn't bad but sometimes it can cause us headaches and dizziness. I think because of too much concentration and the radiation. But that is only if it is too much and you can't have a simple walking for how many hours of doing your thing on the PC. Like me, if I have something to do and needs immediate attention, I do it then. It consumes a lot of time sometimes. So I guess I am just doing what is essential. But of course, get rid to have problems like headaches and dizziness because that isn't good when you know you can get off with it. So we just have to take our time and do the thing we like without compromising the health. We have to keep in mind that "health is wealth".

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  1. donadzku said...
    Yupz...I agree with you..just spend at least two hours a day to keep your body fit...

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