September 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Piano is one instrument that I would really like to know about. I remember way back last semester(Spring 2009) that I have a cool classmate(we got along much with each other), a piano teacher that offered me to study it, with discount. Though I like it so much but my mind didn't pursue yet to study about it. There were just many tasks to attend to that's why haven't yet enrolled with it. Well that's already a good deal from my classmate but sad to know not yet so far.

Well, am glad to stumble one Website that offers free pi ano sheet music for easy listening or for ones new age style. For now, there are many choices at the Website. Which one do you like or perhaps different kinds of style?

Ooh how I wish! There will be a time to study piano lessons especially now that there's a Website that is free and will makes you busy when no work. Remember, it's free so take a look with it for yourself. Read along and sign-up if something you like. Have fun all.. (~_~)


  1. shydub said...
    Me too karya I want to learn how to play piano. But first gusto jud ko sa guitar, never ahd the chance to buy one. na busy pa mn gd sa suroy suroy atong dalaga pa.

    Off topic. thanks for the visit sa playground sa akong mga pispis karya. Ganahan bitaw ko sa mga header ni tsang ky dako siya then neat sd.
    Secondary Roads said...
    The piano is a wonderful instrument, but not as portable as, say, a guitar. Thanks for the link. I'm going to check it out as soon as I post this comment.
    -- Chuck

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