July 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hemmm... wearing tuxedo is a formal outfit for men and male kiddos as well as for women too! It is commonly use in formal gatherings and parties like wedding, school gatherings, ballroom dancing, in fancy restaurant, or any program which requires to wear a formal dress much especially of tuxedo. And hey, tuxedo outfit requires or would not be completed without a tuxedo shirt which fits of it. As what my friend said, it could be of selection of fabric and designs of which it is then a selection of Wing collar, lay down, and branded. And mostly I found, it is of color white, ivory, and black for the service industry . While I was in the Philippines(my country home), only seldom I saw(while I was there) wearing tuxedo. Or perhaps I just lived in a place where seldom formal peeps and formal gatherings which require this attire to wear. Mostly, I remembered back in my junior high school years up to college that men must have to wear formal attire in promenade time, awarding of honors, graduate, final ballroom class, etc. And for women mostly in fancy restaurants and hotels--waitress, and receptionists. And here in America I found a lot wearing of this mostly in wedding ceremony and as I said in formal gatherings and parties.



  1. Dorothy L said...
    I love guys in Tuxedos....they look so very classy.

    I think it is so nice to see men and women all dressed up with fromal dress.

    Then we really see the gentlemen and the ladies :)
    Lulu said...
    wa jud jamo mi ani tuxedo cai... laliman ka ug magtuxedo unja mamayle ra diay to? ug di ba magtuxedo unja sakay habal-habal...
    Cacai M. said...
    ohhh yeah.. I love it too Dorothy! They look so handsome and yeah classy and so with us the ladies. cool!

    MomiLu, magngisiha^ jud ko sa imong mga comments.. I really love it! heheh.. oo jud ka-joker sguro tan-awon bah.. hahahah.. o dli ba kaha mangisda unya^ magsuot og tuxedo.? hahahah.. (lol).. (~_~)

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