June 03, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hello everyone, how have you been doing all? I hope all is well. By the way, I was absent from class today because the weather is not good--the sun isn't shining until now and it's cold and windy. Lately there is a thunderstorm for about 5 minutes consecutively sounds popping-in. How about yours in your place, how's your weather? Am just glad that electric current isn't down and no more thunderstorm for 3 hours already so I guess it's not a very big deal, it's just the cold weather. What I did is just relax and watch tv lately. And ohhh by the way speaking of entertainment stuff, have you check plasma televisions lately at thesource.ca/estore? Lots of sale in there.. you better check it out folks if you're planning to buy flat screen one. Have a happy week all!

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  1. Dhemz said...
    ay tuod madam sis..nag balik tuod ko sa adsense..para sad naa koy laing raket...hehehe!

    so from now on..suki nako nimo sa pindot...pindot pod sa akoa ha...ehhehe...salamat daan...mwah!

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