May 18, 2009

posted by: Cacai M .
Wave Design Oval Copper Sink

Large Copper Undermount Sing With Overflow -Weathered Copper

As I browsed earlier the net, I got stumbled upon the Copper Sinks Store( or Copper sinks and I picked the two images which I have a crush with. If ever I were to choose for our household sinks, the first one is nice and it only cost $216, I like it to be placed in our soon-house in the kitchen. The wave unique design is just so cute that I can't let not publish so I can share it to you too folks. How do you like the next one, would you like it to placed in the kitchen or bathroom? I guess it's good to be placed at the bathroom, the color amazes me and am sure the durability is as good or higher but all I could say is it's pretty cute and cool one. By the way the second one costs 452 U.S.Dollar. Thank you for warm friendship all! I, thank you. muahhh!


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