May 19, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hemmm... rocky road flavor ice cream one pint a day is my current daily routine now. Or if not mocha from one good established company, mmmmm.. Remember my post about coffee for me? I really like the taste and my appetite is beginning to find such if not being absorb in the mouth once a day, huhuhuh.. but not really such huhuh but heheh.. (got it folks? hahah). Am glad hubby always goes to 7/11 every after work and handed me as he's at home. Yay! and am happy about it. Actually, am eating it now while posting in here. *wink* let's eat folks! Just taking note that after eating will have a tooth brush and gargle a mouth wash then dental floss to avoid cavities. Hubby and me is very particular about my teeth because it's getting very sensitive. Nah! you can't really tell how much it's sensitive having a 5 fillings makes me more say uh! yep, I can't even finish my teeth whitening session before even the dentist told that the materials and stuff to use is teeth sensitive-free but holah! it hurts my teeth - I mean makes it so sensitive that I could have to cry about it so I decide not to finish it, I was just glad that there's a good result though it's not fully what I expected. Well then, back to the ice cream and coffee mocha flavor, yep it's so good! it's yummy as you can't resist it's taste folks especially these days that summer is on the way and the weather is starting to hit the hotness! Thanks God there's no reported wild fire after the Santa Barbara County incident. I hope there will be no fire this summer, it's impossible to imagine but am still hoping. So then, be sure to have a tooth brush after eating ice cream and drinking mocha coffee huh? Have a pleasant hot day folks!


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