May 02, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Eh? I had known few week ago that I have a co-blogger friend and a neighbor way back in P.I. particularly in the province that for no reason or may I say can't find any reason why in her two blogs she erased my blog... I can't tell that because of my rp because I still have it that time. I can still remember that she dropped-by here everyday and many times she's one of my top droppers. I don't really know why.. I wonder if she's mad at me or what.. As I remember, I didn't do any bad. She didn't even write secretly, I hope she will. Some kind of it hurts a little that someone close to my heart will do that to me. As to myself I didn't do that. I will do of hard works just not to close such friendship as any as that, or maybe she didn't treat as the way I treat. Or is she treated me just to show just an acquaintance? If you're at my side, what will you do folks? I can't seem find any reason why she did that. I even wrote her privately why but for no apparent reason she didn't reply which in fact she always response me even how many days late but still not for weeks. Well, I still didn't close it. Am still open of her response. I hope she will read this. This is for you. It's not really clear who she is but I know she will understand if she will read this. Am just doing my last straw if not then, I couldn't do anything about it but to accept the fact that friendship that grows in us before will just last as easy as that. Some kind of hurt but as I said not that much because I did all I can so it's her choice if she still want the friendship, right? Is this my gift from her on my birthday? Am still looking forward of the good surprises though..
Also, about my rp(read in opposite way). I know mostly of you here noticed about it but am not really affected because it's not only me had lost it. I know it will goes back to me soon besides my alexa is good so no worry that much. I still believe of just idea. Law is law but reason is reason. I wonder why but still am hopeful and still grateful in other way. Thank you to all concern. Muahhh! Have a happy weekend!



  1. Umma said...
    hello Cai.. dont worry about your friend who stopped visiting you here and tried to ignore your effort to reach out.

    Maybe she has her own reason and she doesnt want to open it up at this point. Im sure time will come that everything will be fine between you.

    Just keep the faith.
    Analou and Bones said...
    Hello Beck. Maybe she is just busy. If she will let your friendship be broken, she is the one who is in trouble. I know how good of a friend you are. I am just hoping that she will let you know if you did something that hurt her. Communication is very important to solve any problem whether big or small. Cheer up girl!

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