March 16, 2009

I disclose that this is a long post- my tags and award s of last week. Be sure to check your names at the end guys. So I begin with Arnie - the author of Arniev tag of the "2009 FRIENDLY BLOGGER AWARD".

"Lets spread the spirit of Friendship to all the blog sphere all over the world."

Here is the rules for this award :
1. Take a Photo or install one now (optional).
2. Do not change clothes,do not trim the hair,the main image is to be captured (optional).
3. Post a picture that is in edit (optional).
4. Post this instructions (required).
5. Tag people to show appreciation to them that touch your heart because of their friendly attitude (required).

So here's my pic as to respect the rule(sowe I can't get any, so ugly me(~_~)- the pic tells that am so ugly as woke up) ->

  • Rechie-the author of Chuchie's Hideaway
  • Dhemz -the author of My Life's Perception and Inspiration
  • Ate Vhing - the author of Survivor: The Reality of My Life
  • Madz- the author of " The Pride of Hingotanan Bohol"- My Life's Journey To Success
  • Umma- the author of Spices of Life
  • Ate Cecile -the author of Down Home With the Kenyons
  • Ate Shydub -the author of simplehappylife
  • Ate Sudha -the author of Sudhersana
  • Madame Apro or Ruth - the author of Aphrodite: My so-called Life
  • Hopeful- the author of My Thoughts in Daily Living
  • Grace- the author of My World and My Family Inspirations
  • Meryl of People, Places, Events, Good Food, and My Life
  • Lisa of Lisgold
  • Ate Nedeekcir -the author of Everything Has A Re ason
  • Chuck -the author of Secondary Roads
  • MomShe or Yang -the author of Kurdapya Meets World
  • KittyKat - the author of Amazingly Me
  • Te Shawie - the author of Grateful Heart
  • Ate Mira -the author of RANDOM THOUGHTS
  • DorothyL -the author of Womenself-esteem .com'sblog
  • Janice - the author of My Corner
  • Gagay -the author of Walking Newspaper
  • Star- the author of A Maiden's Testimony
  • Joops - the author of Sailor's Adventures and Opinions
And Arnie of her Arniev blog again gave me the following "5 AWARDS IN A ROW- FRIENDSHIP AWARDS" that specifies the importance of our friendship and grateful to be each other's friends, 3 of the 5 also were given by me of my best Rechie of Chuchie's Hideway , and 4 of these five awards was awarded to me from Star of A Maiden's Testimony, here are the awards:
The rules are:
Name 7 things/persons that you love then pass this on to other bloggers.
So here are my things/persons that I love.
(1) I love God.
(2) My husband.
(3) My family and family circles or relatives especially the close ones.
(4) My friends.
(5) My teachers.
(6) My laptop pc.
(7) Awards.

I would like to give this award to my co-bloggers who are friendly to me that shows a warm welcome in this blogging world. I treasure these peepz(I would not mention again the sender and the peepz I had seen they have already, so the peepz who are close to my heart are namely:
These are the peepz that touches my heart and I would like to thank of the very nice attitude they have shown me. May you accept or grab this awards. Muahhugs.
Another one is a "RIGHT NOW TAG" given to me from Madz- the author of Pride of Hingotanan Bohol- My Life's Journey to Success and Ate Cecile- the author of Down Home With the Kenyons. This tag is about answering all the questions base on what is the setting right at this moment.

I will also include here the " FIVE FACTS ABOUT ME " tag whom I received from Lisgold, and Jelai. So here are my answers:

  1. Where is your cellphone - on the bookshelf
  2. Your hair - tied ponytail
  3. Your father - in Gingoog
  4. Your favorite thing - pc
  5. Your dream last night -I didn't dream last night
  6. Your favorite drink- soda(sprite)
  7. Your dream goal- having a business of my own
  8. The room you are in- in my computer room
  9. Your fear- when people don't believe that there is God
  10. Where do you want to be in 6 years- in Phils.
  11. Muffins- chocolate banana and macaroons
  12. One of your wish list items- automatic watch es
  13. Where you grew up -Camiguin Isla
  14. The last thing you did- cook rice for dinner
  15. What are you wearing -house dress
  16. Your TV -flat screen
  17. Your pets -no one
  18. Your computer -portable
  19. Your life -happily married and contented
  20. Your mood -normal
  21. Missing someone - my family and friends
  22. Your car -truck
  23. Favorite store -Ralph's
  24. Your summer(plan)- practicing golf
  25. Your favorite color - pink, blue, red
  26. When was the last time you laughed - a few minutes ago
  27. When was the last time you cried - can't remember
  28. Last person who emailed you -friend
  29. Your favorite food- lover's meat pizza
  30. A place where you would rather be right now- contented and comfortable where I am

I will give some of these tags to all peepz who are reading this. Hey guys don't forget your awards above too. I welcome other friendly people who will grab this awards of mine. It will be happier if we will friends guys..

Continuation of tagging and awarding located here [
link ]

***Thank You FIRST COMMENTER -> Ate Vhing


  1. vhingF said...

    great awardee!

    winner takes all ba yan..
    Cecile said...
    wow, you are one lucky gal, Cai :-), lots of awards...i say, you deserved them, dear because you are friendly and kind :-), will grab the awards that I have not received yet later, thanks for tagging me :-), have a nice day!
    Cacai_Nad said...
    Heheh. Ate Vhing, yep it is! Come on take it! Muahhugs.

    To Ate Cecile, yep you can post the awards you have not yet posted and thanks for the complicated Best Te Ces! Lab yah. I'll visit you guys later. muahh
    Secondary Roads said...
    Thank so much my friend. I will be pleased to display that award. One problem. My camera is broken. After it is fixed, I'll take a picture. Then I'll post it with the award.
    -- Chuck
    Cacai_Nad said...
    Hell there Chuck, thanks! It's an honor for me too to be one of your lucky friends. By the way, the picture is optional. You can do it or not. Thanks hah. Muahhugs.
    Bill said...
    Wow that is a lot of tags and awards. You have a lot of friends LOL. Have a great one.
    Cacai_Nad said...
    Thanks Bill. You're one of my friends and best in here! Thanks a lot!
    Sudha said...
    Thank you so much Cacai for tagging me in friendly blogger award!! I'm really honoured! sorry sis Cacai for the late response..I'm little busy these days and will be free after 10 days and I have a very long list of awards from my friends to post..will post the awards asap..hugs Cacai tc.. :)
    Cacai_Nad said...
    That's okey Te Sudha, take your time.. Hope all is okey with you. Muahhugs.
    kittykat said...
    HEllo Cai sorry natagalan ako sa pagkuha ng award mo ha..but will do today..thanks for this one my dear..
    Anonymous said...
    I'm sorry i put you there diko yan nkita ata hehe naduling ako sowi poh
    Cacai M. said...
    Hi Grace, don't say sorry 'coz I will also put you as one of the sender. You just did the right thing my friend. Thanks for visiting.
    vijay anand said...
    hhey as per agreement I do comment on u have to do....readdy?
    now come to here

    to put ur effor on the blog of mines
    Cacai M. said...
    Okey, no problem Vijay I will come and give you tags and awards soon if that will make your blog happy and some. Happy blogging friend!
    Madz said...
    hahhah dami mo tlga award girl ah! dami ko pla utang sayo... will post this one now....thanks a million for counting me as one of your friends...

    take care always....God bless
    Cacai M. said...
    Thank you of your friendship too Madz! God bless you more. Muahh
    Cacai M. said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.

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