January 26, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

After a couple of attempts of beautifying my page in here , I finally made it. To tell you guys, it's hard... But now I will have to give you a tip on how it was being made for I am done with it. First, you will have to decide whether you will have to purchase a layout, or you may have to get a premade layout for free from some Layout and Template websites but you will have to thank them for they made it through hard work too and to do that, you need not to erase the premade note at the end of the layout that you have. For me, I just get this for free but the header was made by my friends Dhemz/Demcy of
demcyapdiandias.blogspot.com and thank you too to ourblogtemplates.com and to her, and to my friend Rechie of chuchieshideaway.blogspot.com too. Thank you friends! I really appreciate the help you've given to me. Kudos! To continue about the tip, save the original template first and the widgets or gadgets codes separately either in notepad, Microsoft word document, or in draft section in yahoo mail. Then, I tried to change my original template Thisaway Rose to Minima and then save. I deleted again the templates and upload the template I liked. However, it can't upload and there's an error message appear and bxx... thingy. I read a lot in the help section as to what the host said, and hola! I got it, it' s just need the private data to be cleared- cookies, cache, saved passwords, authenticated sessions, and I even checked the offline website data, then cleared now- that was in Firefox browser. For the internet explorer, click the tools in the right lower side of the window and on the general tab, click the delete on the browsing history section and that will delete the temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords, and web information then, click ok. After that, close all the windows and restart your computer. Then go back as what you have done the first time. And that's it, it's as easy and as hard as that (for me). I hope it's not as hard as mine if you will encounter this for this I give you the tip for easy way. Anyway, if you have any question, feel free to ask me anytime for I will check this blog every now and then. So long! (~_~)


  1. Anonymous said...
    this is informative! thanks!
    andy in the country said...
    Oh hi!

    I started blogging in November 2007 and my ignorance to site-building and/or web-page designing just like you always stops me to explore.

    I have code to drop some codes to my site, thanks to herby http://www.herby-mysecondtrial.blogspot.com, I got most html samples from his site..

    What I need to ask from you is to teach me on how to make my site's template into 3 column-page, just like what you have right now. I believe that would give a site more space to accomodate visitor's interest.

    Thank you in advance, I hope you can follow my site too.
    Cacai_Nad said...
    Hello Andy, am following you but it seems you have a lot of blogs, I wonder where will I place my answer that's why I decided to place it here hoping you will get back and find this answer and don't worry, I will put you on my following section. AS to your queue, I have this 3-column page from OurBloggersTemplate.com, there are lots in there and you will just have to make sure that the comment section of such layout is available if you want your comment section be available for the readers(I guess most of us wants to have comment section after the topic). Take such example from me, it screwed up my page esp. my blog list or blog roll section and hav to put it again for I like to display it on my page, and only to find out that there's no comment section of the template I choose, I thought it was completely done ( as I said I had a couple of attempts) but nah! So, I hope I answered your question my friend. And yeah! this 3-column page give a site more space to accommodate visitor's interest. And I would like to thank again my co-bloggers and friends Dhemz and Riche for helping me out of these blog template and layout of mine not to mention the other help they made. Thanks! Have a nice day Andy! Thanks again for dropping-by here. And it will be my pleasure to answer you if you have more questions to ask on me of what I posted it here. Ciao.. (~_~)
    Joops said...
    you did great actually

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