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July 25, 2010

My paternal eldest sister (step-sister of my father who is the eldest or second to me) has already two kids and they leave happily here in one state of United States of A. Well for sure they have many toys but still they are longing for more. They are very much happy when I (with my DH) have something to send for them even just some simple ones. Yeah, toys are kids pleasure and I can tell how much more they want to have. That is just the way it is, they do not know the thoughts why you send it but surely kids remember you through their pleasures. You bet! You can imagine how happy they are. Yeah, kids journey. It is great being a kid -- no much worries and more of their time just for play.

July 29, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

It's summer season so it's fun for my toddler nephews to play outside using swing sets . I only have one nephew here in America. How I wish I could buy it for my nephews there in in PI but for now I will just focus on the summer fun for my far-away nephew who's in Tennessee.. (~_~).. I am sure it will be fun if one day we could meet in person and play each other. I only saw him in web cam and hear his voice(together with his elder sis) via phone. Well, one day we could meet! and I will make sure to have a present for him like this if that time come. I know that toys and play is what toddler wanted mostly of their childhood life. I wish them happiness!

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