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March 16, 2012

Not because I have a lot of money but because I am contented of what I have. I do not want those that I cannot get. I am happy of what I have. If I can have more then, that would be great! If not, it's still great!

I know striving more makes life more meaningful. But be sure to know where to stop. Or just can say "right here, right there" , I need to stop now or else, I have to go back from the start. From the scratch. And I do not know if I can get where I am now or remain as it is. Stopping because you already have it all, or you cannot go on anymore because you already contented of what you have, though, you don't have it all.

Which is which? Think if what kind of rich you are. :-) Remember, money cannot have it all. Balance it! :-)

We should always remember as well that we will have to take good care of ourselves first before we can take good care of others, so being rich for ourselves first so we can enrich others makes great difference!

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