June 05, 2013

Mmmmm… yummy, yummy! That’s the right word to explain. I fried Argentina beef loaf the other day and it was really tempting. I missed this kind of loaf because there's nothing this here in California or in USA. Way back before, I love argentina corned beef at home. Then I just knew that there's already a beef loaf variety and yes, I love it just like the corned beef! Very easy to fry and really tasted perfect.

I am so glad I have awesome friends who are ready-to-go and bought for me when they went from my birth country home.. My longings for this beef loaf has come to an end. Sad enough this is my two last cans.

Actually, there are corned beef or beef loaf here too but they are not into the same taste. This is one of the two I really love most. Frying this with egg is perfect too and with dried fish as a side dish. Perfect!

Oh, I'm feeling hungry again. What should I do with my dieting this time. It is always good to eat this yumminess! I always feel hungry every time I see a can of this .

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  1. Nortehanon said...
    Hmn, now I know why my relatives would bring cans of Argentina corned beef when going back to Cali after vacationing in the Philippines. Patok pala talaga sa mga Pinoy dyan ang Argentina corned beef :-)

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