June 26, 2013

“No man is an Island” a tagline that never fades, it’s true we can’t leave happily in this life journey without any companion. Everyone of us have own Friends and a Best-friend(s) whom aside from our family we share to them our thoughts, feelings, secrets and sometimes those did which are naughty stuffs and so. To keep friendship, one need to trust each other, adjust each other and never ever fail the trust broken to each one party because once trust is being ruined that person will not trust you like what trust he/she gave to you before, unless if you do something  really extra-special and promise to not do it again. Of course the other party has to prove it!

Not all time of our life we will be with our friend(s), time come we will be apart with each other, just keep on communicating each other to keep friendship. Communication is the very core step of friendship and it is not a problem nowadays since we have lot of social networking sites and alike. The most important thing is that even though your friend is not in your side but he/she must be in your heart all the time.


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