May 29, 2013

Whew! It's been a long time that I didn't check my links in my blogs. Not until days ago, Mr/Ms. G sent me notice that I got penalized, of what? --- that's a big question but he/she gave me hints. So I have to start from there.

I just found out that I got a lot of 404 errors, bad links or broken links. It's time to check those. I don't know the real reason what happened but what sure thing, is that I got such. So now, with the help of Online Broken Link Checker, I got the specific URL of my blog to where I can find it and the specific URL of the outgoing link I got. So there goes my so much time to consume regarding this matter.

I just can only wish that the owner of those link(s) is brave enough to inform everyone on their community or so. Ooh well, we do not know what really happen, again, it's just a wish or should I say "hope" --- hoping for a betterment. But then, as I said, we don't really know, maybe there's a good reason why, or maybe not -- and that I don't know, only God knows. The important is "honest to goodness" point of view, isn't it? On the other hand, if you think I missed your link, please let me know --- but please know that I recheck and check it, maybe I just miss, if so, I am so sorry. Oops by the way, don't be surprised that for long time I am here to blog hop, doing my rounds, etcetera to which I so missed doing. Don't get mad that you can see me on your Fedjit, okay? Ha! I'm sure you love visitors, aren't you (or maybe not)? Wink. ;-)

Thanks for reading guys, just a random thought of this day which would consume a lot of my time, but I think this is part of online gig. Have a great day everyone! All the best! ~hugs&kisses~


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