April 05, 2013

When it comes to attending events, it is really important to RSVP for the celebrant or the organizer to reserve you a slot. Hence, whenever there are invites sent to you… always find time to respond to it either you are going to attend or not. In this way, the organizer/s won’t be expecting too much from you.

There are different kinds of events to be exact. Some may be about fashion shows like New York Fashion Week, press conference about particular topics, sports events like the Kentucky Derby and a lot more. But that depends on the role you are in the event. For instance you are part of media, hence expect for invitation to cover a particular happenings. There are possibilities too that you can cover happenings that mostly patronized by many, such as race for instance or activities like your brother’s bet on derby recently. But whatever kinds of events or happenings it is, the important is to always respond to event invitations.

If you are sure of attending, RSVP-ing earlier is the best stuff to do. In this way, the organizer/s could prepare the slots for those who will come. Meanwhile, saying yes to every invite despite of hectic schedules you have is no longer healthy at all! It’s okay to refuse sometimes. But never ignore invites
sent to you. If you refuse to attend, tell them. They won’t get mad nor get hurt with it though. At least, you informed them rather than hailed as a gate crasher though. Thus, always spare time to give reply to those email invites you receive.


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