January 02, 2013

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and is the most important. It must be the heaviest meal that everyone should take since most of the activities are concentrated early in the day and the body needs more energy in order to work effectively. Taking a heavy breakfast will help you eat less at succeeding meals. This is the first step to weight control.

School children sometimes miss eating breakfast because of the following reasons: Breakfast is not yet ready. School bus, school service is waiting. The kids don’t like the food prepared. The kids woke up late and had no more time to eat. The kids don’t have appetite to eat yet because it is still early. In order to create an appetite for breakfast, here are my suggestions. Sleep early and get up early. Exercise a little. Take a bath. Dress up without being in a hurry. Drink milk or fruit juice. Serve simple and easy digested foods. Eat fruits and vegetables, and serve attractive foods.


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