August 24, 2012

Time flies too fast, ain't it? Ah, common phrase of a busy-as-a-bee folk like me. Grrr.. :-) The Olympic ends already and I haven't been watching the program constantly. As in just sneaking-in when got a chance. You know, busy mom, wife and everything. Whew!

Okay, truly it was fantastic! A friend of mine,  had been up late just because of that amazing show in England. Folks like her must be so blessed to be able to watched all the awardees and individuals who were willing to represents their country. I can sense the tough and hard competition were experienced by contestants and you can see glory and mercy in each event. They have the talents that really comes from God. Each of the representatives, is willing to take their lives on risk just for the country. They are considered as hero for me. Imagine how hard, nervous to be one of them. Remember that you are representing your country, you are bringing the name of your country. What a big honor! Right? I salute all winners and losers. You did all your effort and give excitement to all viewers all over the globe. How lucky are those folks who had been watching live on their eyes in London.Yet, I am still lucky too because I have TV and a channel/program that I can watch every time I feel like it. :-)

And so, hoorah to the participants! Yay! Kodus!


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