August 12, 2012

A day before the third day backwards from today (yeah, just on this week), I never thought I encountered a vegetable called "red spinach" which is far way different of what I expect of what it is after I heard from a co-blogger friend told me that she always bought it from their market in Norway. She said it's what we called an  " alugbati " vegetable in our birth country Philippines. Then, looking back the day I saw the label red spinach in the market where I shopped (yeah, last Wednesday this week) I immediately felt the giddy feeling that after how many years I can now eat one of my favorite leafy vegetable ("alugbati"). To my dismay, it isn't apparently. But still, I got it to try and test its taste. I am looking forward of cooking mixed vegetables in coconut milk ("ginataang-gulay") after this. I can just imagine the excitement journey. Ha!

I have a complete leafy vegetables of sweet potato tops, swamp spinach "kangkong" and that red spinach to go with the taro root "gabi", purple eggplant "talong", bitter melon "ampalaya" along with its spices like ginger, onion leaves, bell pepper (orange, red and green), lemon grass and tomato. Yay! I can't wait. Now, am hungry. Ha!


  1. Shela said...
    Am here Cai :)
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks Shela manay. :-) Will check on yah lata'h. muahhhh!

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