August 28, 2012

I have searched some places for your journey this summer. You can easily check on my list down here. Got this information through my friend google search. :-) Okay, aside from traveling here inside United States (state to state or exploring in your own neighborhood is great, you may also find some cheap places to travel  like:

 1.) Kuala Lumpur
2.) Vietnam
3.) Laos
4.) Cambodia
5.) Hanoi
6.) Hongkong
7.) Macau
8.) Singapore
9.) Borneo
10.) Bali
11.) Brunei

These are just some of my suggestion! It is still up to you to decide your journey. I just wish you all a happy summer and explore the world and have a safety trip wherever you are heading for. Remember that traveling is always good when it is summer time. Enjoy the heat and feel the cool breeze of the sea, if you are going to to beach areas. Have time to book ahead of time to avoid travel panic. Always mind to make a list prior to your travel to avoid messing up your gadgets and other important things you need.


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