August 21, 2012

Do you love eating banana? Asking me, YES! Banana fruit is one of my favorite. I think because I was born year of the monkey? Ha! Just kidding. :-D

Okay, everyday I must make sure to eat one or half a banana. I used to put it in a sandwich together with cheese. Usually before I sleep at night that's my food. Light and easy and healthy. Well, as I journey-out by surfing my Facebook today, I saw one of my friend posted about the health benefits of banana and I am happy to know these benefits and would like to share with my readers here: As it says, banana can help for those who wants to quit smoking (good that I am not a smoker, just that I love eating this fruit) , banana can boost brain power, relieves menstrual cramps (ladies try this), prevents anemia, promotes healthy bones, reduce depression (good for, lower risk of heart diseases and hypertension, regulates bowel movements (excuse to those who are eating now) and prevents people with ulcer. What do you think folks? Is this a myth or a fact? Well, for me banana is a fruit and all fruit are healthy so go for it.

Happy eating banana! :-)


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