August 12, 2012

Blogging has been a great avenue for me to express my inner thoughts and feelings especially when I don’t have anybody around to listen to my grievances, frustrations, joys, happiness and aspirations. In here, I am in total control. With blogging, I have also the privilege to inspire other people with the articles I write and with the experiences I share. Not only that, blogging has also given me the opportunity to earn.

I started with submitting my blogs to different sites that need writers. As a starter I did not get many projects but as time passed, when my blogs started to earn a fair share of audience that’s how I realized that there is money in blogging.

Freelance Clerks for one is a site that gives a blogger or any writer like me an opportunity to earn through writing. Hire Freelancers, is a place where employers can go to for possible writing job tasks journey. In my perspective as a writer, its best feature is the number of projects to choose from that actually offer an attractive amount of compensation for every task completed. If you are a writer like me, all you should do is to click on the Project button then bid for a task that you think you can write about, then wait for its confirmation whether you get the job or not.

And before you realized it, you are already earning for something that you love to do which is writing.


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