August 03, 2012

What to bring during travel? Cash or credit card? Guys, for me I’d rather have to bring s small cash and my credit card with me. Having big cash on your pocket is dangerous. There are now lots of thieves around. Credit card is more safer. You can just punch in whenever you need and of course having a very little amount of cash for emergency is advisable.

How about you guys out there, what do you prefer most cash or credit card? Your suggestion is welcome. This will serves as a tip to all travelers and of course to myself too. It is always good to know the con’s and pro’s in traveling. So to ease worries try my tip of not bringing much cash. You can surely have peace in mind. I remember my husband did not bring any cash before when he visited me in Philippines before. As he said it was for his safety. And I do agree with his purpose.

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  1. Sam D. said...
    If I'm going on a travel I usually bring both although I hate to use credit card but when traveling I don't have a choice because many establishment don't accept cash only credit card. :)

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