July 18, 2012

I am just lucky that I still maintain my figure after giving birth to Sam. I am flattered to read comments on Facebook online and even with my friends that still I have the same figure as before. Well, not so, because I already have crow's feet, okay the stretch marks (good thing it is not that visible now. Thanks to cocoa butter. Haha!). Mostly when you have a child the possibility of gaining is really there. But for me, just so thankful that I am not in that stage yet. I had a crash diet with the help of detox cleansing method which lasted 10 days (if you are following me, you already know it since I posted it here). Hoping never at all after such!

What is my secret? Well, some of my friends are asking me that way. All I can say nothing, since I already told you. Just eat what I want and get enough sleep if possible. Maybe it is in our genes also or a self-control. Control to the bunch of foods that if I ate it all, for sure I could be  humongous as you think. For me stresss can also make us big, since I experienced when I was stress, I like to eat. Ah, self-control. Ha! Of course I want to maintain this way so thanks God that HE gave me the shape that I want too. As long as I am healthy that is the most important matter to consider. Stay healthy no matter what!
Just be thankful of what you have now, sexy or not.


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