July 14, 2012

One of the most treasures in our journey in life that cannot be steal by someone is our friends.To add, a person with an intrapersonal skill mostly gain more friends. As what we know, no man is an island. It means to say that an individual cannot stay longer without a partner in his/ her life. We have lots of friends but they differ from each other. Some of them are friend in need which they are present if they need your help, some of them are just your friend if you have the wealth or some are just don't have good attitudes which you have in common, which is not good.

A real friend is a person you can call anytime both in sadness and happiness. A friend  that can be trusted. Trust is very important to keep friendship. If a person break the trust of someone it is so very hard to get  back the trust that he/she gave to you. Trust is just like chocolate once it was melted it gets to deform  and even if you will froze it , it never come back on its shape again. The essence of friendship is not the smile and gestures that we give but a feeling when you discover that someone believed in you and willing to trust you.


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