July 23, 2012

I don't know about you, but one of the first things I check out whenever I go to a new place, say a friend's house, a hotel, a resort or a restaurant, is the comfort rooms! Not only that I find it really comforting to stay there a bit after a long travel, or a stressful drive, but I also take refuge in the relaxing  plus quiet ambiance. A piece or two of aroma therapy candles also helps a lot in making it a haven for travelers, diners or visitors.
I guess it won't be much of a puzzle why women spend considerable time in the comfort room, then. Apart from sorting our personal affairs and having a small chit-chat with our friends and companions, we also take the time to admire the beautiful and contemporary comfort room pieces there, especially those adorable sinks, which you can also find in the websites. We take our time reveling in their intricate details, memorizing each design and pattern in our heads, not forgetting to comment how they simply make the place look better with them around.

Oh well, musing about those beautiful sinks made me think of replacing the one I have in my own bathroom now! What do you think? ;)


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