June 28, 2012

Pizza is the easiest way to eat when you are in a hurry and this is most light food whenever you go. Before, I do not like eating pizza but now I am used to this food, actually it is now one of my favorite foods. Pizza has a lot of flavors but in my taste every flavor gives different taste and I can do accept it all. After giving birth of Sam, I need to watch out my weight. So far, I maintain my figure not but still I am really very careful on what to eat and drink. I am not super health conscious but it is better to be safe right?

Anyway, if you live here in United States pizza is available everywhere! This serves as the food for everybody but just to tell you, I am loving with rice still, haha! Rice is forever be the main course in a day. You can call me a rice girl, I will not complain about it! Wink.

Time to have pizza . Let us eat and have some slice of pizza. Yumm!


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