May 11, 2012

Picture below is a bowl of pompano fish soup with lots of vegetables which apparently you can see it in the middle. The one in the right side fish is the pompano, a kind of fish which is so yummy-delicious for soup. My first time for this fish as made into soup. I am glad my friend P introduced this fish to me and I declare as so delicious for this kind of fish recipe. To go with the fish meat, on the left side is a non-fat brown and white rice {yes, I mixed it. You would surprise how tasty it is when you try it. Try it to taste for yourself. :-) }
I tell you it's so yummy! No cooking oil is present and lots of veges involve, is heaven to me! This picture got a lot of likes of my friends in my Facebook. I don't know if you like this but for sure me and my friends love this fish soup so much. Didn't I tell you that eating vegetables first makes me not crave for rice anymore? If you don't know yet, a meal for me isn't complete without a rice. It seems like it isn't a meal or I did not eat anything. Knowing such would be perfect for diet. Whew! What an awesome find. :-)


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