May 25, 2012

As much as I like to make maja blanca and cook mixed vegetables in coconut milk with rice and salted fish then stew fish for meal but cannot kept-up with my time. Very busy and I had only few time left for me to do it all if ever. And my baby love daughter Sam already woke-up. Now goodbye to the cooking-journey in my kitchen then. Option B took its place. Yes, a ready-to-eat one should have to be ordered. " And hot pizza, bread sticks and soda has to be in my table before they are here " --- was what's on my mind lately. And hooray, I got it! After I took shower, I called the pizza delivery and placed an order. They made it on-time! Great job to them. Huts off! The delivery man deserves my tip (not that big but he deserves it). After all, it was friends get-together. Meaning, special :-)

It had been how many months I was not able to eat that meat lovers favorite toppings of the pizza DH and I liked to order. You know, I am in diet for the goal of weight loss blah blah. If you didn't know, it was not yet a year old my baby Sam had been delivered in this world by yours truly. Apparently, I still had the baby fat on me. Ha! So a typical pizza is a no-no (yes, unless if it's non-fat *wink*) for successive eats.

And so, have a great day everyone!


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