May 03, 2012

Whew! Yeah right, it has been days that I am making fish soups as my viand. It has been already aged that I don't like foods that has anything cooking oils on it, most of the time. I mean as it has been cooked. I don't know but that's what my body told me so. And I love it!

By the way, I am making my steps for me to loss weight. So far, it has been five days that I am doing my detox cleansing. Thanks to my friend Anne/Annie for this idea.

And so back to my fish viands, rather steam soups viands. I don't know if you like it that way but for me, I so like it (obviously)! I even thinking of making again now that don't have such in the kettle anymore. Addicting? Nah! My taste coincides to what my goal is, which is to loss some unwanted weight. So good luck to me on this journey. Smile. :-) I am seriously making this do come true. Even if won't get into my target goal, at least I loss some and it's not on the unwanted weight raise "chu-chu" (it is a term) but a progressive weight loss. :-)

Do you think I can make this? Let's see! :)


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