April 27, 2012

Yes! True enough when a woman just deliver a baby, it is expected for her to gain weight. Imagine bringing a six plus pounder (6+lbs) baby with all the other water with her and stuffs. If you haven't imagine yet, better do it now so we can proceed. Smile. Kiddingly smile but I am serious. :-)

Alright, I delivered my baby daughter six months plus ago. I breastfed through breast-pump mixed with formula for about two months then pure formula-fed afterwards. With that, I can eat whatever I want for health diet but that doesn't work. I still have this 122 lbs weight until now, though I loss the after-deliver weight but there's still the unwanted ones. And I don't like it! I don't like looking at my tummy, legs and upper arms.

So now, beginning today for ten (10) days, I have to do seriously the diet I have in my hand now. I need to do it religiously. So let's see if I am that goal-oriented enough. I aim to have 110 lbs to 113. Whew! Will I get that target weight? I'll see if I can do it! Good luck to me.  :-)


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