March 28, 2012

Forget white. Forget black. Forget silver or gold or any of those colors. In the modern home, stainless steel is the way forward. These days you can get pretty much anything in stainless steel. Your kettle and toaster have long enjoyed this smooth of finishes, and of course you wouldn’t be surprised to see a fridge freezer sporting stainless steel. But what about washing machines? Surely not? Well, Hotpoint washing machines now actually come in stainless steel. More than a little unique, it looks really sleek and stylish. It’s a modern appliance for the contemporary kitchen. I think you’ll definitely get some conversations starting with this under the counter.

Plus, it’s more than just a pretty face. It’s actually a very good as a washing machine too! Built for the family, it can hold 9kg of clothes, which is around 45 t-shirts worth of laundry. It’s also pretty quiet to run, and comes with a lot of programs, including a really cool bed and bath cycle for your towels and sheets.
Looks and personality are a great combination and being stylish and practical certainly works here.


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