January 22, 2012

This is some pieces of info of this blog.

If you can see my URL, it is cacainadjourney(dot)com . And why? You might be wondering why, or maybe not. Alright, this is supposed to be my journey with my husband blog. That nad isn't a shuffle of and but a nickname of him. Now, you might say why the blog's name is just Cacai (the root name you can see). That is because it turned out to be. Meaning, it supposed-to-be but it did not happen, so it turned out into just my random journey to which it isn't far from such, don't you think? Ha! You're right!

And now you know. :-)  By the way, I have this blog starting more than two years ago (that was sometime of January 2009) but I can see nobody knows why I have that URL root name. Ha! They (or maybe you're one of them) thought it's just my journey and it was intended as it is. Smile. :-) Have a great day everyone!


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