January 26, 2012

(Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines)

I have been trying to surprise my wife, which is probably not the best idea. She is always working so hard to save the family money and to make us all happy. I thought it would be nice if I did it for a change. However, I think I have gotten in over my head. I wanted to try and pay all the bills on time, but I don’t know how to balance a check book or write a check correctly. I thought I could do all those things, but I am learning that I can’t. I mailed our water bill check to the power company. I was so embarrassed to admit that one. Thankfully, when I called Bounce Energy Information, they were quickly able to resolve the problem. I was hoping my wife wouldn’t find out, but one of the kids told her. I understand that it is probably a funny story to a kid, but for me it was humiliating. To think that a grown man can’t follow simple instructions is upsetting. I guess that will be the last time I try to surprise my wife by taking care of the bills.


  1. Ruby said...
    this is kinda funny...hehehe... :)
    Cacai M. said...
    Yeah, haha! :-)

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