December 23, 2010

.... and it will be Christmas! What have you have on your mind now knowing that two more days and it is Christmas then? Do you already have some special recipe on your mind to commemorate such birthday of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer? A ham, for sure will be present as this is one symbol of this one special date of the year. What about a wine, red wine, martinelli (a juice in a look-alike wine bottle but no alcohol, just pure juice but mind you somewhat taste like a wine. Did I give you a hint if your health is not allowed for wine? You bet it! He he he!) or alike? ;-) 

Just want to greet you a two-days ahead Christmas greeting or an advance, Merry Christmas? Did you already wrap a gift for me? Ha ha ha! Just kidding.. So then, have fun and enjoy the rest of two days left and it will be more special then. Tomorrow (24th of Dec) is a holiday. Happy holidays! Woohoo!


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