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November 21, 2010

Choose to be happy, lovely and lively! Why not?! "Tues" is converted into "Choose" and put the "day" . Can you get the logic? He he he! Oops, second day of workday. Are you ready? Ready or not, we have to work unless if it is your leave, right? Or are you sick? Oops it is not good to be sick. If you are sick and still good to work, one might like not to be on absent especially this time that, work is not that easy to find. We better love what we have and take time to get another one at a time if you have a really dream work. We have to think about it or we are sorry if we do not have work. Good for me, my husband does not oblige me to work but still it is great to have something to contribute. :) Thanks to my sponsors in blogging (though it is not a lot) that I got to pay taxes if it surpasses 600 bucks. It is great to have it though it is just little. Well, blogging actually is to express my wits and concern at the same time (hopefully) I get to inspire or just have some idea on how to's which he/she is the same boat of such situation. Ooh well, I love blogging. It is my passion. I am some a kind of introvert-person (not so) and I found myself just go-with-the-flow kind. Nope, I speak with balance and trying to avoid to hurt feelings. But then I found out, sometimes it is great to be hurt to know than being unhurt and know nothing, some kind of no-how. Oops, brain teaser again? Ha ha ha! You will know if you can relate. I do not want to make it long anyway. :-D And so, Happy Tuesday! Choose to be happy, lovely and lively!


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