November 01, 2010

This time, it is first day of November (and in any place, it is already November 2) and it is called as "All Saints Day" . In Roman Catholic, it meant as it is the day for all the saints whereas on the second of November, it is called as "All Souls Day" as to commemorate souls in heaven who are already out of this world and be on eternal life. And so, I am just greeting you a Happy Halloween!

It maybe awkward to Americans, but I had not been able to attend that "Trick or Treat" event by kids or with parents around in the neighborhood or any where friends and family is present. Hopefully, I can get to join such game or neighbor bonding with my child (if God will give it to me and my DH) and having a parade of Halloween costumes in the neighborhood with their basket where to put their treats. :-) Happy Halloween!


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