August 21, 2010

I guess everybody likes lights, Christmas lights, when it is about Christmas time already. Well, specifically if it is already in "ber" months season. Unless if one is phobia on it, then he/she would not like it then. Now, it has been only one month then it will be September time. As the month speaks for itself, it is the beginning of a "ber" month. For some place, they won't put the lights yet, not until after thanksgiving day which is about a month (or 4th of Thursday of November this year in US) before Christmas day or second week of October in Canada. But of course it is great to inspect the stashed lights like C7 led Christmas lights and buy before the neck of time to save some bucks and getting rid of out-of-stock ones. Days from now I will then have to check mine too especially the c7 LED ones. I can just wish we have some plants and bushes but that is impossible for now since I can only decorate our specific unit not with the bushes which belong to the whole complex. Well, I hope one day I could have bushes to decorate outdoor Christmas lights too. I like both colorful and white Xmas lights anyway. :-)


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