August 25, 2010

Did you experienced it, just what I had days ago (and until now)? What did you do? And how did you managed it?

And the blogging journey continues. If you experienced it, then include me in your list. I was pretty a bit nervous of what happened. I cannot logged-in and until now it is still like it but the difference is I now know how to handle it. No panic no more as just like the first time. How did it went? I read it again and again after how many attempts of putting-up my password. Actually it is only in time of logging-in to blogger but I logged-in (which is the traditional way) through my Google Account. I then reread. It has been said that blogger has its own account now though it is still in Google Account when we signed-in to it. We have to see the blogger account symbol (which is a light orange small letter "B") from clicking blogger platform (blogger(dot)com) dashboard.

And so that is it! We should also make sure we type in our Gmail e-mail address not the yahoo one (if you have YahooMail) and correct password. ;-) Enjoy blogging! :-)


  1. Jag said...
    Yeah true. i also experienced that. weird hehehe...

    Thanks for vsiting my site. God bless!
    Cacai M. said...
    You're welcome Jag! :-D

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